Our Mission

We are a pair of sibling entrepreneurs committed to finding and running one great business. You are the owner of a profitable business who is looking to step away from your day-to-day operations to pursue your next adventure. At Laurel Tree Partners, our mission is to continue building an exceptional business for your employees, customers, and ultimately, your legacy.

We have extensive experience operating and managing small-businesses and are passionate about working with great people. If you are a business owner considering your exit options, we can provide the ideal solution for you.


Investment Criteria



  • Primarily B2B focused

  • Fragmented and growing

  • Limited cyclicality and seasonality


  • Diverse customer base

  • Recurring revenue or high customer retention

  • Strong relationship with employees


  • $10M - $100M annual revenue

  • $2M - $10M EBITDA (cash flow)

  • 3+ years of profitability


The Laurel Tree

In Latin, the name for Lally is Laurel Tree or sweet bay tree. The symbol of the Laurel leaves date back to Greek mythology. Due to Apollo's oppressive pursuit of Daphne, her father sought to protect her by turning her into a Laurel Tree. Subsequently, Apollo proclaimed the Laurel Tree forever sacred, forever a plant of divine status. The Laurel leaves were used as a symbol of crowning glory or higher accomplishment of the soul. Today the Laurel wreath is often used a symbol for victory and peace.